Curriculum Vitae

Raffaella Galdi (Italy, 1973) is based in Berlin.

She is a a teacher, a choreographer, a dancer, an artist.


Founder and artistic director of InCorpo, a company, an open structure that operates in the field of contemporary dance in relationship to art. Her main source of inspiration is the body, the physical experience and expression. In her choreographical work dance functions as a base and bridges to sound, text-words and plastic-visual art.



Research Projects

Raffaella Galdi research projects are characterised by long periods of exploration in which, in collaboration with other artists often operating with different languages, she researches very thoroughly on a choreographic idea. The transition from a research period to the creation/production is very subtile. It might take weeks, months or years before a research becomes a well defined creation. Some research periods may give shape to several productions, within divers artistic languages, others may just stay a research phase in itself.


Bodies bodies Words Objects (2013 - 2017 on going)

Dance Sound Space Poetry (2011 - 2012)

Ali (2008 - 2010)

Mode (2007 -2009)




Raffaella Galdi main source of inspiration is the body, the physical expression and experience. Dance material in her choreography functions as a base and bridges to sound, words and plastic-visual art. Her work employs an inter-disciplinary approach.


Turtle (2017)

Premiere (short version): 8th April 2017

Premier: 21st October 2017

ada Studio Berlin


Impro Series - Site specific performances (2015 on going)

Impro n. 6 - The garden

8th and 9th September 2017

Festival Kilowattt Summer - Giardini Margherita - Bologna Italy

Impro n. 4 - Eating or not eating

12th July 2017

Commissioned by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

Berlin Food Art Week Festival 2017 - Urban Spree – Berlino

Impro n. 3 - The travelling I am

2nd July 2017

Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U) - Gütermarkt - Berlin

Impro n. 1 - The vegetable stories

11th October 2015

Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U) - Gütermarkt - Berlin


Paula (2013)

dance performance with an installation touch, the space poetry

Premiere: 26th April 2013, Kunstmühle Braunschweig


Relations (2010)

Dance performance

Commissioned by Theater Vorpommern within Tanzzeit 2010

Premiere: 20th May 2010 / Theater Vorpommern, Greifswald


MODES of locomotion (2007-2009)

Dance Performance

Premiere Solo I: 10th November 2007 / TANZherbst Festival, Sächsischen Staatsoper, Dresden                    

Premiere all piece: 21st November 2009,  Fürth Kulturforum, Fürth


UGO (2007)

Dance Performance Installation

Premiere: 12th January 2007, Sophiensaele Berlin - Tanztage Festival


LEGNA (2006) Dance Performance

Premiere: 9th January 2006, Sophiensaele Berlin - Tanztage Festival   



Video Works - Collaboration with Carlos Bustamante


ISIS (2012) - Dance  Video


Ufergang (2010) - Dance  Video

Premiere: 28th December 2010 - Studio LaborGras Berlin


The Birchwood Edge Algorithm (2009) - Dance  Video Installation

Premiere: 17th September 2009 / Theaterfestival Outlet,  Braunschweig



Collaborations / Projects

Raffaella Galdi has been invited as a choreographer (as well as a dancer) in projects and site specific performances, initiated by other artist.



Japanese Banner Piece - Concept: Christian Burnoski

Landscape - Concept: Andrea Jenni



Der Körper ist ein Seismograph - Site specific performance - Festival “Month of performance art Berlin” - Washingtonplatz, Berlin - Collaboration with Julia Gebauer, visual artist



Tanz-Musik_Miniaturen - Site specific performance - Vielstimmigkeit Music Festival, Hannover - Collaboration with the musician Lenka Župková, Megaphone Ensemble



The village - Tanznacht 2010 - Ufer Studio Berlin - Collaboration with 25 choreographers

Vexations - 12 hours dance installation - fabrik Potsdam, Potsdam - Concept: Amos Hetz



13 poems in a body - Frisch eingetroffen Festival, Mannheim - Collaboration with Performing Lab

Collective Improvisation, Dakar - Senegal: Kaay Fecc Festival (Sosta Palmizi - Giorgio Rossi)



Collective Improvisation, Arezzo/Florence, Italy: Fabbrica Europa (Sosta Palmizi - Giorgio Rossi)



El Burro / Site specific performance within Ni Vu Ni Connu Festival 2007 - Luxembourg - Collaboration with Nicholas Elliott and Emre Sevindik



Le bruit du silence - Multimedia Performance / Kulturfabrik - Esch-sur-Alzette - Luxembourg Collaboration with Nicholas Elliott and Emre Sevindik

Dance Roads - Laboratory, Berlin: with Daniel Roger Belasco




Raffaella Galdi developed a pedagogic methodology to share and pass on her knowledge. Always true to an ongoing process of evolution and maturation, her teaching is directed towards dancers and encourages them to discover their own body as an instrument and to deflect themselves from their habitual movement pathways. Her role as an educator is to coach, guide, assist via suggestions, assignments and exercises.


2009 - 2017

Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (TROIS C-L) - Luxembourg

Danceworks School Berlin

Dock 11 Berlin

Kunstquartier Bethanien - Studio 142 - Berlin

LaborGras Studio - Berlin

Marameo Berlin

Phynixtanzt Studio - Berlin

Tanzfabrik Berlin

Urbanraum Studio - Berlin


Companies - Theaters

Anna Huber Company - Bern - Berlin

Cie. Unit Control Company - Luxembourg and Berlin

LTT - Leipziger TanzTheater - Leipzig

Theater Vorpommern - Greifswald


Coaching projects

Dancing for freedom Dance Group 2017 - Berlin

Choreographic Futures 2012 - Dance Base Limited, Scotland - Berlin

Dance Workshop 2011 - Theater Heilbronn

Winter Dance Workshop 2010 - Tanzfabrik Berlin

Kaay Fecc Festival 2009 - Dakar, Senegal



As a dancer

As a professional dancer, she has performed and participated in the creation of new performances with numerous choreographers. She has toured throughout Europe (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Holland, Luxembourg) and Africa (Tunis, Senegal), made appearances on several festivals and venues (Kunst Festival Weimar, Avignon Festival, Danz Festival Letzebuerg, Kaay Fecc Festival Dakar - Senegal, Fabbrica Europa, Florence - Italy, a.o).


2012 - 2016

Dance Poetry - Wupperthal, Germany - Concept: Canan Erek

Dance Poetry - Festival “720 stunden in September”, Heidelberg, Germany - Concept: Canan Erek

Tranz-/-Flexion - DIN A 13 Tanzcompany - Berlin and Cologne - Choreographer: Gerda König

Dance Poetry - improvisation interventions in the city, Berlin, Germany - Concept: Canan Erek

Stabat Mater - Theater Thikwa Berlin - Choreographer: Alessio Trevisani


2008 - 2010

Sender Weimar - Kunst Festival - Nitzsche-Gedächtnishalleas Weimar, Germany  

Choreographers: Ingo Reulecke and Lukas Matthaei

Die TanzMedienAkademie 2008 - Viehauktionshalle / Weimar



Member of Galothar Company - Brussels - Belgium / Choreographer: Andy Deneys

Production: Eclectica - Mudar



Triple Bill - Sophiensaele - Berlin - Germany / Choreographer: Christoph Winkler

Love - Dock11 - Berlin - Germany / Choreographer: Hans Werner Klohe

3 Pieces in April - Studio LaborGras - Berlin - Germany / Choreographer: LaborGras



Engel _Engele - Studio LaborGras - Berlin - Germany / Choreographer: Karin Wickenhäuser

Member of Cie. Unit Control - Berlin / Choreographer: Bernard Baumgarten / Production: Anäis and June



Member of Cie.Toula Limnaios - Berlin - Germany / Choreographer: Toula Limnaios

Productions: Outre Vie - Here to there



Biographyca - Tanzfabrik - Berlin - Germany / Choreographer: Helge Müsial

By Pass - Choreografische Werkstatt - Rui Horta / Berlin - Germany / Lisbon - Portugal



Para-noid - Sophiensaele - Berlin - Germany / Choreographer: Tomi Paasonen

Lui & Lei - Dansatelier - Rotterdam - Holland / Choreographer: Sabine Linz



Dangerous Mode of Transportation - Hamburg - Germany / Choreographer: Trinidad Martinez

Het Spui Theater - Den Haag - Holland / Het Sensorium - Choreographer: Sanne van der Put

The Mason Family - Choreographer: Tom Stuart



Member of Compagnie Thor - Brussels - Belgium / Choreographer: Thierry Smits

Productions: Corps(e) - Nat





2006 Legna - Solo / Public Prize / Tanzherbst Festival, Dresden - Germany


2003 Solo / 3rd Prize “Das Beste Tanz Solo” - Schauspielhaus, Leipzig - Germany


1997 Elle s´appelle Rebecca / Best dancer / I.T.S Festiva, Amsterdam - Holland



Dance Education

During her forming years, Raffaella became familiar with a diversity of styles stretching from classical ballet throughout modern and contemporary dance. Her studies in architecture, drawing, painting and plastic art influenced her understanding on movement and supported the assimilation and integration of different dance styles.



1995-97 Rotterdamse Dansacademie - Rotterdam - Holland (Diploma)


1994-95 Ecole de danse Rosella Hightower - Cannes - France


1992-94 Associazione Alicia Vronska (Maria Luisa Capiferri) - Genoa - Italy


1987-91 Fine Art high school - Genoa - Italy (Diploma)


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