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Raffaella Galdi developed her pedagogic methodology which finds its base in 3 simple principles: the body-mind connection, to be in the present moment, breathing; the use of the bone structure, its natural alignment and articulations; the relationship of the body to gravity. Her teaching is directed towards dancers and encourages them to discover their own body as an instrument and to deflect themselves from their habitual movement pathways. It enlarges their awareness and places them more solidly in the present. Her role as an educator is to coach, guide, assist via suggestions, assignments and exercises. Galdi teaches as a free lancer as well as for theaters and dance companies, for professionals and students.

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InCorpo is an openly structured company that operates in the field of contemporary dance in relationship to art.

It has been established by Raffaella Galdi, who conceives and guides the activities. InCorpo stands not only to promote and support the choreographic work of its founder, but also collaborates on projects initiated by other artists. InCorpo nourishes a ground on which artists, often dealing with different languages, get in contact and create together. InCorpo has an interdisciplinary approach.

The name InCorpo (”into the body”) comes from the core conviction that anything which is created and expressed comes into “embodiment” within a form, so it “takes a body”: from dance to writing, from video to painting or drawing, from music to spoken language. Any creative act is an expression of the invisible, present everywhere and in each of us. It manifests itself within a body, however this form may be or appear.




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